2 Cups of uncooked rice

2 Pounds of Smoked Sausage

2 Bottles CaJohns Barbeque Sauce (your favorite)

Cook the rice according to the manufacturer’s instructions. While rice is cooking cut the smoked sausage into small squares or half rounds and brown in a soup pot or high-wall skillet. When sausage is brown, add the barbeque sauce. Heat to simmer. When rice is done cooking, add it to the sauce stir. When the mixture is combined, remove from heat and serve.

Note: You can vary the heat and flavor of this dish by your choice of sausage and sauce. You can use a spicy sausage or a hotter barbeque sauce if you want to “kick it up” or you can use a mild sausage and a mild sauce. Any kind of sausage works well, or you can use ground sausage if you like.